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Chew Toy for Dogs - Brushing Stick for Dogs

Chew Toy for Dogs - Brushing Stick for Dogs

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Brushing Stick dog toy

Is your dog in need of a good teeth cleaning? Look no further than our Brushing Stick dog toy! This toy is perfect for the pup that needs a little extra help keeping their teeth clean. Its unique design allows your dog to brush their own teeth while they play, making it a win-win situation. The durable material ensures that this toy can withstand even the toughest of bites. The easy-to-grip design makes it perfect for small and large dogs alike. Get ready for a healthy smile and endless playtime with our Brushing Stick dog toy.


toys for dog: Pet Toothbrush Toy

Toys Type: Chew Toys

Material: Rubber

Chew Toys for dog: Dog Toothbrush

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