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Durable Rubber Teeth cleaning dog toy

Durable Rubber Teeth cleaning dog toy

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Durable Rubber dog toy

Looking for a toy that not only provides fun and excitement but also helps keep your furry friend's teeth clean and healthy? Look no further than our Durable Rubber Teeth Cleaning Dog Toy! Made with high-quality, non-toxic materials, this toy is designed to clean your furry friend's teeth and massage their gums while they play. Its durable and bite-resistant design ensures endless hours of playtime and bonding with your furry friend. Its unique shape and texture add an extra layer of excitement, making it the perfect playmate for your furry friend. Get ready for endless fun and healthy teeth with our Durable Rubber Teeth Cleaning Dog Toy.


Toys Type: Chew Toys

Material: Rubber

Material: Rubber

7 Colors Size: Length 14cm, Dia.4cm

6 Colors Size: Length 12.5cm, Dia.4cm

5 Colors Size: Length 10cm, Dia.4cm

4 Colors Size: Length 8.5cm, Dia.4cm

3 Colors Size: Length 7.5cm, Dia.4cm

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